John Papageorgiou (@papasbasement) is the writer of The Spookies, which means he handles the easy half of comic production. He also writes for (guess from the name who created that site) and hosts the long-running radio show Papa’s Basement (noticing a trend here?). John likes to believe that someday one of his Internet ventures will translate into an income, but has steeled himself for a probable future of living at home, with companionship provided only by his cats, mother and Internet pornography.

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Ho-Ho spent most of his life learning to design complex clockwork devices.  Desperate for money, Ho-Ho put his devices to work committing petty theft and looting ancient tombs.  Ho-Ho’s greatest achievement was the development of air ship technology.  Ho-Ho now roams the heavens as a sky pirate in search of high adventure.  Over the course of his career Ho-Ho also illustrated many books for the blind.  This is his first work intended for those that can see.  

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